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Do you expect to see less or more second charge mortgage lenders in 2018?


Below find items of thought leadership from a few of the brightest minds in the specialist finance industry.

SimplyBiz: Can you afford not to get help with your FCA application?

David Golder

To those of you having your first encounter with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) application process, any attempt to explain how much time and resource it can demand can sound like wild exaggeration...

London Money: Looking for a revolution

Martin Stewart

For my first Loan Talk column, let me start with a story...

What a first year


It’s been just over a year since United Trust Bank (UTB) went public with its second charge loan offering and the progress we’ve made in just 12 short months has been staggering, even if I do say so myself...

Fluent: Regulation not to blame for rigid underwriting


Advisers should not think that nothing more can be done for clients when lenders tell them that regulation is responsible for the increasing number of mortgage cases that fall through at the underwriting stage...

When a larger deposit is required due to rising rental calculations

Bradley Moore

According to recent industry statistics, house-price growth remains robust and, as a result, demand for rental properties is on the rise...

Second charge sourcing systems should be ‘forced’ to show broker fees upfront

Calculating fees

Second charge mortgage master brokers should be forced to show all fees, according to one industry figure...

CCJs: ‘The lender has to draw a line in the sand somewhere'

CCJs lender has draw line sand somewhere

Borrowers cannot expect lenders to ignore county court judgements (CCJs), despite some being unfair, a master broker has warned...

Let lessons of the past help to protect your future

David Golder SimplyBiz

There’s a well-known adage that says if you give a man a fish, you will feed him for a day, but if you teach him to fish, you will feed him for life...

Street UK expands online services

Street UK expands online services

Lender Street UK has expanded its online services to reach borrowers in London and Manchester...

Central Trust: Meeting the needs of a growing NI economy

Central Trust: Meeting the needs of a growing NI economy

With a relatively modest population of 1.86 million, Northern Ireland might look small beans when compared to the UK mainland economy...

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