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In the spotlight with Claire Rankin of Shawbrook

In the spotlight with Claire Rankin of Shawbrook

Loan Talk sits down for a chat with Claire Rankin, Head of Networks at Shawbrook Bank, to learn more about her new role with the secured lender...

1. What was the main reason behind moving to Shawbrook as Head of Networks?

The main reason I took the position at Shawbrook was the fantastic opportunity to work with the market leaders in the secured loan industry and be a part of a progressive, pragmatic and talented team who want grow the sector through innovation and service

2. What got you into finance? Did you always want to do it?

I feel like I fell into finance naturally; I left school to work for a building society, decided to study CeMAP, became a mortgage advisor then a BDM and just continued to progress through the ranks within my roles

3. What do you feel are the main problems in the secured loan industry at the moment?

I don't really see any problems with the industry as a whole - it's a growing market reporting record lending month on month, competition is hotting up therefore the consumer has more choice and enhanced protection under FCA regulation - I wouldn't rather be anywhere else!

4. What do you think will be the biggest changes in the secured loans market due to regulation?

The FCA taking over the regulation of the secured loan market will of course bring a number of changes as well as additional responsibilities.

The biggest change, In my opinion, is the way in which lenders calculate affordability. Advisors will now have to adjust to net income and expenditure checks and interest rate stress tests.

There are of course other changes which will have a significant impact on businesses such as the operational changes to their advice process and being able to demonstrate that their secured loan business is in line with the FCA's 11 principles for business

5. If there was one thing about the sector you could change, what would it be?


6. If you were stuck on a desert island and only were allowed 3 things, what would you take? Why?

A solar powered jet ski to explore my surroundings without worrying about running out of petrol, my iPhone and a credit card to order my shopping on line - to be delivered to the island of course.

7. What’s your most embarrassing and proud moments?

I'm naturally quite clumsy so what could be considered embarrassing for some people would probably be fairly routine for me.

For example I fell over in front of an Estate Agents' window and the contents of my handbag went everywhere... I then had to dust myself down and walk in because I had an appointment to see their mortgage advisor!

I was quite proud that I managed to get through that appointment!

 8. If you could have any other job what would it be? Why?

I'd love to be an interior designer because I'd get paid to go shopping for my favourite things, with someone else's money

 9. Name two things that not many people know about you

I'm pretty good at football and I've been swimming with sharks

10. If you could have one wish, what would it be?

I'd wish for more wishes of course

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