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In the Spotlight with Ben Gillespie of Chaseblue Loans

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In the Spotlight with Ben Gillespie of Chaseblue Loans

 We sat down with Ben Gillespie, Director of Chaseblue Loans, to discuss survival, super powers and soap...

 1) Could you tell us a bit about Chaseblue Loans and your role there?

I am the sole director at Chaseblue Loans. I set the company up in 2007 along with another director who moved during the credit crunch to take a bit of pressure off the company in terms of salaries. I manage the day to day running of the business and still sell deals to my own introducers.

2) What is your background and how did you get into the secured loan market?

I actually sold mobile phones to the directors of another secured loan packager and they offered me a job in industry and the rest, as they say, is history.

3) If you had to describe yourself in three words what would you say?

Driven, honest, fair.

4) In light of the ongoing financial crisis, what do you think has been the biggest challenge the company has faced in the past few years?

Survival. So many companies have closed or phoenixed, I am proud to say we survived and I hope that is recognised by lenders and introducers in years to come. It would have been easy to close and re-open, not pay some tax or our valuers, but that’s not how I operate.

5) Which figure in the industry (past or present) do you most admire?

It would be Simon Stern at Prestige. I like his commonsense approach to lending and processes, he is also a straight talking and honest person that does a lot of good for this industry.

6) If you could have any super-power in the world what would it be?

To be invisible, the possibilities are endless.

7) What significant changes do you think will come into play in the secured lending market over the next 12 months?

The usual resurgence of old heads in the market, coming back as things improve, maybe one or two new lenders entering the market. Compliance will come in time, which I agree with, as long as it doesn’t stop the industry being effective and dynamic.

8) If you could only take one thing on a desert island with you, what would it be?

I would say a toothbrush but it’s pointless without toothpaste, thus I would go with a bar of soap.

9) What is the perception of secured lending as portrayed in the mainstream press; do you think more needs to be done to change the stereotypical view of the industry?

Its a lot better than it was nine years ago, it was seen as the devil reincarnated then. A lot of mortgage brokers still don’t offer loans to their clients but I can see that changing as regulation will make them look at loans as a potential best product for their clients.

10) And finally, what do you most enjoy about your job?

I like the fact most days are different, I like the challenge of getting cases completed. I don’t think many secured loan brokers realise the importance of these loans to the end client. It’s easy to become numb, but £10,000 or £20,000 is a lot of money to anyone, to someone struggling with debt, and clearing off this debt is a huge relieve to them. I am happy to be a part of something that powerful.

Also, as a service provider we are deeply proud that we have eschewed unnecessary technology preferring to concentrate on delivering a knowledge based hands on personal service. I like to think that when people come to Chaseblue they do so because of that personal touch.


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