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Do you expect to see less or more second charge mortgage lenders in 2018?

SimplyBiz: Doris and Ewan? You ain’t seen nothing yet

As Doris and Ewan rampaged across the UK, there were numerous warnings and tips on how to protect your roofs, wheelie bins and gazebos.

However, there’s also a storm brewing in the world of consumer credit regulation and this one could also threaten your business.  

With the FCA now bringing its focus on to the supervision of the consumer credit sector, the number of firms subject to enforcement action and removal of permissions is growing, with an increasing number of final notices issued every week. Firms issued with final notices are no longer able to offer credit or finance options to their customers; in simple terms, not complying with the regulator’s rules means that these firms are unable to trade. These firms are likely to face significant challenges in both the long and short term, placing the future of their business at stake. 

For those previously unregulated, or regulated by the OFT, you will be well aware that the FCA is a different animal. It is certainly more engaged with the activities of the firms they regulate than the OFT, has a wider scope of interest and requires more information and evidence of adherence to its rulebook. While there’s been a lot of activity in the press recently about the FCA’s application process, its intricacies and the length of time taken to become authorised (currently about two to three months), it’s worth bearing in mind that FCA authorisation is not a one-off job. Once authorised, you must keep to the regulator’s rules on an ongoing basis, document and evidence your adherence to those rules and provide comprehensive reports on a regular basis.  

Sound like fun?! 

Well, it’s not all dark clouds and showers. The SimplyBiz Group – of which the Consumer Credit Centre is a part – has many years of experience and a specialist team dedicated to providing shelter to advisers and intermediaries in the occasionally stormy regulatory world. If you have any questions on the information in this article – or any others regarding the area of regulation or compliance support – please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Consumer Credit Centre team on 01484 443 424. 

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