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In the spotlight with Amy Taylor of Shawbrook Bank

In the spotlight with Amy Taylor of Shawbrook Bank

Shawbrook Bank’s new BDM, Amy Taylor, speaks to Loan Talk about what she aims to do this year, admitting that service is more important than rate.

Secured lender, Shawbrook Bank, appointed Amy Taylor as its new Business Development Manager in December last year, shortly before the bank won the Secured Loans lender of the year and the Lender Service Excellence award at the Loan Talk Secured Loans Awards last month. Loan Talk catches up with Amy in order to see what she is looking to contribute to the award-winning lender this year.

1. What does your role at Shawbrook Bank involve and when did you start working there?

I started working at Shawbrook on the 1st December last year as a Business Development Manager. My role involves making sure Shawbrook is at the top of our broker panel by consistent relationship-building with them to maximise future revenue. This is achieved by providing an excellent open communication with our brokers and looking at ways I can help them progress within the secured lending industry.

2. What is your past experience and why did you decide to join Shawbrook Bank?

My past experience has always been routed in providing excellent customer-focused service within the different industries I have worked in. I've spent the last three years as a Sales Consultant for a manufacturing company. Although I've never worked in the financial industry, the decision to move to Shawbrook was a very easy one as soon as I walked through the door - your customer is always thought of first, it’s at the heart of everything they do, both of which are very important to me.

3. What exciting plans do you have in 2015 for secured loans at Shawbrook Bank?

My plan is to work very closely with the front line teams who deal with the customers and package the deals - these guys are the heroes who sit looking at product guides everyday doing their best to get the deal placed with the right lender, which ultimately is Shawbrook as they have the most diverse product matrix and a greater opportunity to provide a product best suited to most customers preferences now and in the future.

I want to be the go to person, and ensure they have exceptional support via the internal sales team, DJ and me!

4. How will regulation affect secured loans in 2015?

It will be exciting as it will create opportunities that do not exist today which is a great thing and one lenders and brokers alike should embrace. We all know there is a lack of awareness today but going mainstream will give the consumers more confidence.

5. What would you ban in the secured loans industry?

There is so much jargon in our industry - I would like us to think "would my customer understand this?" If the answer is no than we need to change it.

6. What is more important and why – rates or service?

Service, 100 per cent without doubt! Yes, I would love to say to every broker "sure, we will reduce that rate and this rate" but where would be the innovation in that!  Would Shawbrook have won the Leader Service Excellence award at the Secured Loans Awards if it was all about rate?

7. What do you think there is a lack of in the secured loans market?

Awareness of Secured Loans and how they can help, customers just don’t know how to find a secured loan today, it’s getting better as brokers are starting to invest back into marketing but we still have a long way to go

8. If you could have any other job, what would it be and why?

Easy, a florist on a market stall! Selling something to people to make them or someone else happy. Also I've got quite a loud voice so I wouldn't go unnoticed.

9. Do you think the secured loans market is too crowded?

I'm not sure it's over crowded, I think there is a lot going on but the key is to stand out, be different, be great and that’s what Shawbrook pride themselves on, it’s great to be part of such a winning team.

10. Who in the market do you think are ‘ones to watch’ in 2015 (rising brokers, exciting new developments etc)?

Amy Taylor at Shawbrook :-)

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