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Happy New Year and welcome back

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Happy New Year and welcome back

For most of us, it’s the first day back at work and as we re-familiarise ourselves with the old desk shackles, let’s prepare for all the woeful 2009 predictions we’ll be inundated with before the first big collapse of the New Year happens (excluding Woolworths, we were all ready for that weren’t we?) and the analysts nod in that superior way as if to say, “Well we did warn you the first quarter would be grim…” 

With the current cloud of gloom hanging over the financial services industry, these 2009 theories mostly involve the Grim Reaper taking up residence in the City, ruling over streets filled with listless, jobless bankers and blood running as freely as credit used to.
It’s probably fair that economic experts have predicted that more businesses will falter, house prices will continue to fall, money markets will remain frozen and unemployment will reach at least 3 million. These things are pretty much a given.
2009 will apparently not be especially dynamic. Companies are meant to batten down the hatches, cower in the corner and refuse to do business with anyone who presents a suspicious deal, or a suspiciously good deal, or anyone who looks suspicious at all, whilst reiterating that recovery will arrive someday, like Sleeping Beauty waiting for Prince Whatshisface.
Yet, let us not get too maudlin this month. Yes, Christmas is over, money is tight and it’s so cold and dark I weep as I ice skate to work in the morning, but if 2009 needs anything (other than increased lending to credit-worthy businesses) it’s a strong attitude from all of us. At least in the beginning.
So what do you think? Is 2009 already a lost cause? Will it be Just As Bad As They Say It Will Be If Not Worse? Or is there still hope for business growth in the New Year?
Email me your own predictions for 2009 at

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