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Brokers left out in the cold

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Brokers left out in the cold

It has emerged that there are currently no intermediary mortgage products for purchase or remortgage borrowers above 85% LTV. However, there are now just fewer than 200 direct-to-lender products, going as high as 95% LTV. 

The data comes from the latest Home Buyer Sourcing Index (HSBI) – the comparative mortgage product cost analysis, published by Home Buyer Systems.
In addition to the proportion of products made available by lenders via intermediaries, the HBSI shows the difference in cost to the borrower between the cheapest intermediary and the cheapest direct product. Presently, direct-to-lender products are up to £4,843 cheaper for the borrower over two years, which breaks down to £201.79 per month, than the broker-distributed equivalents.
Managing director of Home Buyer Systems, Richard Angliss, has attributed the lack of products for brokers to the withdrawal of the Bank of Ireland and Bristol and West from the intermediary market.
Mr Angliss added that brokers can still benefit from direct-to-lender products: “The Home Buyer Sourcing Index is designed to provide accurate, up-to-date, generic information for brokers and their customers, and it enables brokers to arrange the direct-to-lender product for the borrower, if so desired, and charge a pre-agreed fee for their research and administration. This in turn enables brokers to retain the customers for their insurance business, and offer them a choice of insurers, whereas dealing direct with lenders often means that a very limited choice of insurance providers is offered.”
David Black, Principal Consultant for Banking at independent financial research firm Defaqto has defended the increased number of direct-to-lender products and decreased products available to brokers, saying: “In these times of financial restraint it is vitally important that consumers have access to the best available deals.”
However, many brokers struggling to secure deals at the moment will surely be feeling short changed by this latest set of statistics. With the credit crisis making financial advice all the more pertinent, lenders should realise just how much of an asset brokers are to the consumer in helping them navigate the minefield that is lending at present. 

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