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Accessing pension funds

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Accessing pension funds


There is a solution and the solution is easy: access pension funds today. If individuals or directors have money in their pension, access up to 100 per cent of it and within two weeks you could be making the money work...

By Andrew Stevens of Avanti Tax and Wealth Management
 "The hazy days of summer 2007 seem like a lifetime ago. Property prices in the UK were at an all time high, car sales were through the roof and UK businesses seemed blissfully unaware of the storm that was brewing across the Atlantic… A storm that would spread to the collapse of the banking system and widespread unemployment, plunging the UK deep into recession and creating, arguably , the worst economic climate since the Great Depression.
So here we are in February 2011: recovery has been modest, a double dip recession looms, economists still can’t agree – and whilst the credit crunch may not make so many front page headlines anymore – it is certainly still  at the forefront of every UK business.
Whether you are a sole trader, partnership or a limited company, it is probably fair to say that you’ll have had seen better trading years. And with many businesses struggling for survival, those that have managed to weather the storm face the unwelcome problems of having to renegotiate lending lines and seek new finance to raise capital – all at a time when cash flow has never been so important.
Such is the magnitude of the problem, even with the government putting pressure on the high street to lend, obtaining finance from banks has never been harder. And even after the success of the Business Payment Support Scheme (BPSS), introduced specifically to help businesses, hearing ‘No’ from lenders is still all too common.
There is a solution however, and the solution is easy: access pension funds today.  If individuals or directors have money in their pension, then access up to 100 per cent of it and within two weeks you could be making the money work.
Using a personal asset such as a pension rules out the credit committees, the long application forms, the worry, the personal guarantees, the cash flow forecasts, the profit and loss forecasts and the long interviews with lenders who don’t understand your business or ideas. 
Nor is there a need for credit scoring or any records left with Experian or Equifax.
For people that need to raise money for their business or for personal reasons help is here. Some uses we have seen so far are:
  • Debt refinancing or debt structuring. 
  • Business expansion or consolidation. 
  • A merger or acquisition. 
  • Research and development costs. 
  • An opportunity to own their own premises. 
  • To buy a franchise.
The pressures on individuals and business are many and varied: if money is needed today then why wait? But with no help from traditional sources, the resulting dilemma becomes a choice between stagnation and closure – or even bankruptcy – and how to use personal monetary resources to propel forward.
So how can you move forward in 2011?
Avanti Tax and Wealth Management are ready to help you. We work with a team member who speaks directly with the client over the telephone. Potential clients will then receive a free, no obligation consultation with a top level advisor who will take full consideration of the situation and advise accordingly. Once a client is satisfied and happy to move forward, we will send out the information we need to start the process."
Contact Avanti Tax and Wealth Management on 0845 519 0346

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