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Worried mortgage holders look to switching to fixed rate

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Worried mortgage holders look to switching to fixed rate

Almost a million people would struggle to find just £50 extra on their mortgage repayments.

Research released last week by MarketGuard also showed that 2.7 million variable rate mortgage holders would struggle to find an extra £100 for their payments. 

The situation leaves two thirds of the nation worrying about the future interest rate changes that could be imposed, because just a one per cent increase would raise a typical mortgage by £100 per month.

Chris Taylor, CEO of MarketGuard commented: “This research reveals just how vulnerable the British public is right now to a rise in interest rates.  It is clear that we face a major problem if rates start to move dramatically upwards in response to inflationary pressure”.

The research, which involved only variable rate mortgage holders, has left many considering changing to a fixed rate mortgage.  When asked, 60% said they would consider switching to fixed rate.

However, according to the CML and the FSA, many customers have found it difficult to switch because they are on high LTV, credit impaired or interest only mortgages. Other customers report being excluded from remortgaging all together.

Mr Taylor added:  “Fixed rate deals are popular because people need the certainty of knowing that their repayments won’t increase if rates rise. However there are many mortgage holders in the UK who are unable to find a suitable fixed rate deal. This, coupled with the fact that 2.7 million will struggle if they have to find over £100 a month extra to pay on their mortgage, means these people are at the mercy of the financial markets.

“One way to get around this is to cap their interest rate repayments. RateGuard, for example, works like a fixed rate mortgage by ensuring mortgage holders on variable or tracker mortgages can cap their exposure to interest rate rises.  Therefore they are limiting their repayment exposure to any unaffordable financial market risk."

By Katie-Jill Rowland

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